BOP accumulator unit


  1. Complete diverter controls with sequencing options and indicators
  2. API-16D rated alarm systems to alert operators of potential issues and if drilling operations should stop to prevent a possible uncontrolled well situation
  3. Components have been field tested for decades to ensure dependability, maximum life, and minimal downtime service
  4. It works with most PLC manufacturers’ control equipment to be compatible with your rig electronics
  5. It can be designed and manufactured to any specification including ATEX, all European Directives, API, API-16D, GOST, NORSOK, DNV, ABS, and all major oil company’s specifications


The accumulator unit for BOP stacks is a very important piece of equipment that controls BOP stacks and gate valves controlled by hydraulic pressure, especially in drilling and workover operations. It is necessary to accurately operate and maintain the hydraulic control system. It consists of the remote control system, driller’s panel, air cable (except electrical type), pipe rack (electrical warming system available for the cold area), high-pressure manifold, protection room, etc. 

The Accumulator unit is designed, manufactured, and inspected in accordance with API Spec. 16D and can be divided into two types: Electrical type FKDQ series and Pneumatic type FKQ series.


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