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Brand: Chinese brand and America big brand

Type: Annular BOP, Single Ram BOP, Double Ram BOP, Shear Ram BOP
Working pressure: 2000psi-15000psi (14 Mpa-105Mpa)
Operating temperature:-18deg–121deg
Bore size:7 1/16″-21 1/4″
Top & bottom connection: Flanged, studded


BOP part name: Packing element, shear ram, pipe ram, blind ram, variable bore ram, top sealing, front sealing, bonnet, piston, shell. 

The packing element for Annular BOP has a special type and taper type. The packing element is combined by the main body which is made up of the independent innovation rubber-based polymer alloy material and the high-strength metal frame, which conforms to the USA 16A, SATM D412, D624, D2240, and D471 standards. It is suitable for the drilling work in the oil field, which shares a high-cost performance compared to the other same types of packing elements.

Shear ram is composed of the upper ram body, lower ram body, top seal, right seal, left seal, and tool face seal.  The tool face seal is placed in the front slot of the upper ram body, with right seal and left seal on both sides. The shear ram is installed in the BOP in the same manner as the common ram. but need to replace the hanger of the main piston to hunger. Otherwise, it will not be used.

The Pipe Ram is used for single or double Ram Blow Out Preventer(BOP). The ram’s size is matched with the pipe’s OD. It can be closed between the pipe stem and well annular space.

The Blind Ram is used for single or double Ram Blow Out Preventer(BOP). It can be closed the well when the well is without the pipeline or blowout.

The Variable bore ram as an improved type is capable of sealing around drill pipes with a range of sizes and has advantages such as low cost and convenience, expatiate on the sealing well mechanism. The operation of the variable bore ram is simulated with the finite element model, and the distribution of the stress is analyzed, which provides the foundation for optimizing the design of a variable bore ram-type blowout preventer.

Other BOP parts that we supply all come from original/OEM manufacturers, they are 100% interchangeable.


  1. In accordance with API Spec.16A
  2. All the parts are original or interchangeable
  3. Reasonable structure, easy operation, long life of plastic core
  4. Adapt to a wide range, capable to seal pipe string with nominal paths from 0-DN in and shapes, better performance by combining with ran blowout preventer in the use.

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