elevator link


1.API 8C certified product
2.Load capacity 75 up to 450 tons.
3.Maximum length 1.5M to 3.6M
4.Customized links available according to customer need.
5.Short on deliver time


Elevators links are suitable for hanging pipes in the operation of well drilling or repairing. According to the structures, they have two forms: Type DH & Type SH. The weldless links are forged with high-quality alloy steel. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8A/8C.


Model Spec Rated Capacity(short ton) Length(mm)
Single Ram Links DH150 150ton 1800MM
DH250 250ton 2700MM
DH350 350ton 3300MM
DH500 500ton 3600MM
Double Ram Links SH75 75ton 1500MM
SH100 100ton 1500MM
SH150 150ton 1700MM


elevator link

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