External Hook


  1. Designed and manufactured according to API spec 7-1.
  2. It is generally used inside casings and oil tubing.
  3. It can salvage the ropes, lifting bails, hollow short cylinders, and short rope slings.
  4. The structure is simpler than the internal hook.


The External Hook is used inside casings or tubing to catch all kinds of ropes, lifting bails, hollow short cylinders, short rope slings, etc.


Model Product  Code  O.D.(in)  Connection  For Casing/Tubing Size(in)
WG73 L23-7300 2-7/8 2-3/8 Tubing coupling 3-1/2 Tubing
WG95 L23-9500 3-3/4 NC26 4-1/2 Tubing
WG114 L23-11400 4-1/2 NC31 5-1/2 Casing
WG136 L23-13600 5-3/8 NC31 6-5/8 Casing
WG150 L23-15000 5-8/9 NC38 7 Casing
WG176 L23-17600 6-8/9 NC38 8-5/8 Casing
WG190 L23-19000 7-1/2 NC38 9-5/8 Casing


External Hook drawing

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