Fishing Jar


  1. Designed and manufactured according to API spec 7-1.
  2. Tool is anti-torque and can work with motor.
  3. Tool length is short, small diameter, less wear in the downhole.
  4. The same tool can change the components and the direction of the outer cylinder to realize up or down jar.


Hydraulic fishing jar is a fishing tool which the jarring force is larger than other jar with same specifications. It features a closed structure, reliable performance, easy to adjust and easy to operate. It is a new type of top jarring tool used in oilfield, geological exploration and drilling operation.

Working Principle

The hydraulic shock absorber is connected between drill bit and drill collar, the torque is transferred from top drill string to mandrel. The spline transfers torque to spline outer barrel, oil cylinder and lower sub, then drive drill bit to rotate.

The bit weight is from the which of top drill tool so that drill bit insert drill into formation to break rock into pieces. The drilling mud is fed through bore of drill pipe and drill collar into mandrel of shock absorber, tailpipe, lower sub bore and ejected into bottom well .Because of the uneven bottom well conditions and special structure of cone bit, the drill bit and drill string during drilling operation would produce severe vibration. The hydraulic shock absorber, by means of compressible deformation of compressed liquid under the function of pressure, absorb the energy from drill bit and drill string vibration. Thus, the shock absorber can reduce the vibration and impact load of drill tools.


O.D. in(mm) 80 89 95 108 121 160 165 178 197 203 229
I.D. in(mm) 25.4 25.4 28 38 45 57 57 60 71 71 76
Stroke in(mm) 298 298 298 305 305 320 320 320 330 330 330
Tensile Load (KN) 300 400 500 700 980 1270 1370 1570 1870 2100 2200
Max. Tension Down-hole(KN) 150 180 200 250 400 700 750 800 800 800 1000
Max.Work Torque (KN·m) 3 3.5 4 6 8 15 15 17 20 22 25
sealing pressure (MPa) 3
Max. working temperature(℃) 150
sealing pressure (MPa) 2 3/8REG NC26 NC26 NC31 NC38 NC50 NC50 NC50 6 5/8REG 6 5/8REG 7 5/8REG


Fishing Jar-drawing

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