flowline straight pipe (pup joint)


Rated Working Pressure: 69 ~ 138 MPa (10000 ~ 20000 psi)
Nominal Size: 1 ~ 4 in
Service: Standard, Sour Gas
Application: Fracturing, Cementing, Acidizing, Testing Lines


Integral Pup Joints are high pressure fluid control situation. They are widely used in acidic operating environment in the high pressure pipelines. Integral Pup Joints are made from high strength steel, with a special toughening process. It uses Acme threaded connection, making it with the demolition convenient, fast and reliable. Multiple seal design and high precision is to ensure the sealing performance of the product.


  1. Integral Pup Joint could be used in high pressure discharge line, input line, temporary flow line, well testing and other transmission lines.
  2. It can meet the demand of CO2, H2S and other sour gas operating environment.
  3. Common material of Integral Flow Line Pipe is alloy steel, ANSI 4135, 4130, 35CrMo.
  4. We can provide standard length and custom length according to your working condition.


pup joints integral model

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