Gate Valve

Working pressure:2000PSI~20000PSI
Nominal bore:1.13/16″~9″ (46mm~230mm)
Working medium: oil, nature gas, mud , consist of H2S CO2gas
Working temp.:-46℃ ~ 121℃ (LU)
Material: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
PR: PR1~2


API 6A Gate Valves consist of the following type: PFF Gate valves, FC Style Gate Valves, FLS Valves, Hydraulic Valves (HCR), and Expanding gate valves.

FC valve 

  1. Full-bore design in order to eliminate pressure drop and eddy current,
  2. The unique sealing to reduce the switch torque
  3. The metal seal between bonnet & body and gate & seat
  4. Surface spray welding hard alloy, good performance on abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance.
  5. Seat ring is fixed with plate, keep well steady
  6. Back seal structure steam in order to replace the seal ring of the stem with pressure
  7. Grease injection valve on bonnet side
  8. pneumatic (hydraulic) actuator available

Expanding gate valve

  1. Fission expanding structure
  2. Low torque or low wear during the switch
  3. Metal seal between bonnet and body


  1. PR1, and PR2 certification can be provided for all types of gate valve  
  2. Metal seal for each type, improves the sealing performance.
  3. stem and cover designed with backseat sealing structure is easy to take pressure change
  4. valve stem packing.
  5. of high-quality alloy steel forgings body, no perforation design
  6. Sealing surface spray weld hard alloy, with corrosion resistance, resistance to erosion, and wear resistance performance.
  7. Use spring preload load in the disc and seat, completely realize two-way seal.


Gate Valve

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