High Pressure Relief Valve


  1. Safety value is featured by simple structure and small size.
  2. No leakage under normal circumstances
  3. Achieve automatic valve opening and closing by internal belleville spring.
  4. The function of high pressure safety valve on remote console is to protect devices from damaging due to overpressure.
  5. Without quick-wear parts that need to be changed regularly, pressure regulating stepless is accurate.
  6. No need to stop working to perform overpressure protection and the reliability is better than shearing safety valve.
  7. Operation standard of product follows API-6A. Connection mode and specification are fully consistent with like products in SPM, which ensures the high interchangeability.


To ensure safety, the drilling pump is equipped with safety valve in the outlet, which is able to control the ultimate pressure of the pump within the admitted scope.

The high pressure safety valve is forged by high quality structural alloy steel. As a kind of protection device and human safety device, it is generally installed on cementing devices, fracturing pump, high pressure operation piping, pressure vessel and devices under high pressure and high flow capacity. It controls elastic force of the valve seat by adjusting the nut on the top. Once the pumping pressure or piping pressure exceeds pre-established pressure value, safety valve opens automatically to release the pressure. When the pressure value reaches the normal value, valve rod will recover the position by spring and close the valve.


Name Cold working pressure Connection type Buckle model
Safety valve Relief valve 42Mpa(6000psi) Hammer Union M×M

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