Hydraulic power unit


  1. Can be used in onshore and offshore drilling operation, desert and continuous workingsituation;
  2. Wide adjustment range, easy operation, high generality;
  3. Air or water cooled;
  4. Electricdriver and diesel drive


HPU is the power source for generating the flow of hydraulic fluid for the desired application. That being said, the combinations are endless and at advanced fluid power, we design and build custom power units to the specification of the customer. Mainly consist of motor, pump, coupling, adjustable pressure control, pressure gauge, reservoir, etc.


Model YZB120LD-2-5III YZB120LD-2-7 YZBF/S-120LD/-2-2II YZBF/S120LD-2-2II YZBF-225D/2VF YZBS-160LD/2VF
Rated flow L/min 120 255(max) 160/110(max)
gpm 31.7 37.3(max) 42.3/29.1(max)
Rated pressure MPa 16.6 / /
Psi 2400 / /
Max. pressure MPa 20 12/20
Psi 2900 1740/2900
Drive power Kw 37X2 30X2 45/51.8 45X2
hp 49.6X2 40X2 60.3/69.5 60.3X2
Heating power Kw 3X2 / 3X2
hp 4X2 / 4X2
Cooling way Air cooled Air and water cooled Air cooled Water cooled

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