kelly valve


  1. Available with a wide variety of sizes and end connections
  2. Two piece body with full drift bores
  3. Operating wrench and thread protectors included
  4. Major repair kits available for every valve
  5. Comes with certified test report
  6. Identifiable open and close markings
  7. Can be H2S corrosion resistant as per NACE MR0175


Kelly valve is a manually operated ball-type valve for the drill stem, divided into upper and lower sections. The upper Kelly valve is connected between the lower end of the swivel and the upper end of Kelly. The lower Kelly valve is connected between the upper end of the drill pipe and the lower end of Kelly or the lower end of Kelly saver subs. The Kelly valve can be opened or closed off by simply turning a special operating wrench 90° according to the indicated direction.

The sealing principle for the Kelly valve is to ensure a close seat between the ball and the ball seat. The lower seat is supported by a spring. The force provided by the spring keeps the ball securely in place with a lower seat.

During normal drilling operation, the hole is kept unblocked by turning the stem to the “on” position; In case of kick or blowout, turn the operating stem to the “off” position to close off the internal bore of the drill string, the kick or blowout accident is avoided due to a high-pressure sealing situation between the ball and the ball seat.


Model O.D.(mm) Thread connection I.D. (mm) Working pressure (Mpa)
XS-86 86 NC26 30 30,70,105
XS-105 105 NC31 40 30,70,105
XS-111 111 NC31 40 30,70,105
XS-121 121 NC38 44.5 30,70,105
XS-127 127 NC38 44.5 30,70,105
XS-140 140 NC40 57.2 30,70,105
XS-XS146 146 4-1/2 REG 57.2/44.5 30,70,105
XS-159 159 NC46 61 30,70,105
XS-165 165 NC46 61 30,70,105
XS-168 168 NC50 71.4 30,70,105
XS-178 178 NC50,5-1/2 FH 71.4 30,70,105
XS-XS197 197 6-5/8 REG 76.2 30,70,105
XS-XS200 200 6-5/8 REG 76.2 30,70,105



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