Mud gate valve

Connection Type: Flange, Screw thread, Welding
Main nominal size (in) 2-1/16, 3-1/8 (3-1/16), 4-1/16
Working Pressure: 2,000-5,000psi
Basic Design: API 6A
Test & Inspection: API 6A
Basic Design: API 6A


JX petrol mud valve is of reliability, high prssure and corrosion resistance, and can be used in the following working condition

  1. Drilling standpipe manifold
  2. Pump manifold block valves
  3. High-pressure mud mixing lines
  4.  High-pressure drilling system block valve
  5. Wellheads
  6. Well treatment and fracture service
  7. Production manifolds
  8. Product gathering systems
  9. Product flow line


  1. Metal Seal, and Soft Seal available
  2. Carbide-coated disc and seat has a long service life
  3. Rising stem structure, easy to check the status of valve
  4. Change stem packing without removal of bonnet
  5. Do not need to remove the valve from the pipeline if checking and changing valve parts.



Mud gate valve

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