Mud Pump Liner


  • The products have complete materials,service life can reach more than 4000hours in standard working condition.
  • Production procedure and inspection standard are complied with API 7k.
  • Customization based on client’s drawing is available.
  • Production status update in timely manner is available.
  • Third party on-site inspection is available.


The liner of the mud pump is an important and easily worn part of the hydraulic end of the mud pump. The service life of the liner of the mud pump directly affects the service life of the mud pump. When the cylinder liner works, the piston makes a high-speed reciprocating motion on its surface, which determines that the cylinder liner must not only have sufficient strength and rigidity but also be resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and wear. Our main products are single metal, bimetal, and ceramic cylinder liners, with reliable and stable quality and preferential prices.

Type comparison

Types of Mud Pump Liner Bi-metal Chrome Plated Ceramic
Description Hy-chrome inner Sleeve and Forged Steel outer Hull Core plated by Chrome Ceramic Zirconia
Material AISI 1045/ AISI 1045 AISI 1045
ASTM A532M Chrome-plated bore Zirconia-based Ceramic
Hardness HRC 60~65 HRC 58~62 HRC 68-72
Normal Service Life(Hr) 800 400-600 2000~4000

Scope of application

Liner  are available for the following Mud Pump
BOMCO F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600 F-1600HL F-1600L F-2200HL
LS 3NB500C 3NB1000C 3NB1300C 3NB1600 3NB800
QINGZHOU SL3NB-1300A QZ--1000 QZ-500 QZ-350 QZ800 SL3NB-1600
EMSCO F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600 FD-1000 FC-2200 FB-1300
Gardner Denver PAH PZ7 PZ8/9 PZ10/11
Drillmec 7T450 7TS600 9T1000 9T1300 12T1600 14T2200
National 7-P-50 8-P-80 9-P-100 10-P-130 12-P-160 14-P-200 14-P-220
Oilwell A-850-PT A-1100-PT A-1400-PT A-1700-PT
RUSSIAN 8T-650 UNB600 UNBT600 UNBT950 UNBT1180
IDECO T-500 T-800 T-1000 T-1300 T-1600

Single metal cylinder

After carburization and high-frequency treatment, the hardness of the single metal cylinder liner can reach HRC58-62. It has the characteristics of high finish, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. It is suitable for use in milder corrosive mud.

Bimetal cylinder liner

Bimetal cylinder liner combines the advantages of hot forged high wear outer sleeve and high chromium wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant inner sleeve. The outer sleeve is made of high-quality carbon steel by hot pressing at one time, and the inner sleeve is made of high chromium cast iron by centrifugal casting. The outer sleeve has a tensile strength higher than 900000psi, and the hardness of the inner sleeve after heat treatment reaches more than HRC62, which can withstand 7000psi mud pressure, and the normal service life can reach more than 800 hours.

Ceramic cylinder liners

Ceramic cylinder liners are made of zirconia, zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA), and high-performance a-99 alumina ceramics. Its raw materials are high-purity nano zirconia and alumina powder, which are formed by an advanced cold pressing process, high-temperature sintering, assembly, and finally high-precision grinding and polishing. It has high flexural and tensile strength, high fracture toughness, and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. the normal service life can reach more than 4000hours.



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