piston assembly


  1. Piston Hubs is made of high-strength alloy steel, with high strength and toughness
  2. Piston rubber is of good quality and various material available including polyurethane, nitrile rubber, HNBR.
  3. Applied to ALL mud pump sizes
  4. Large amount of stock, short delivery period
  5. Can be applied to various working condition.


The piston reciprocates on the cylinder liner of the mud pump to provide discharge pressure for the mud pump. Piston Hub, the material used is ASTM5140 or ASTM4140, the premium forged steel. The piston has single action, double action, single action vulcanization, and double action vulcanization piston

Classification by structure:

Assembled and integrated, The assembled piston includes Piston Hubs, piston rubber, Piston Plate, and Snap Ring. Piston rubber materials include polyurethane, nitrile rubber, and HNBR.

Classified by function:

Single-acting piston and double-acting piston.

Scope of application:

Piston  are available for the following Mud Pump
BOMCO F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600 F-1600HL F-1600L F-2200HL
LS 3NB500C 3NB1000C 3NB1300C 3NB1600 3NB800
QINGZHOU SL3NB-1300A QZ--1000 QZ-500 QZ-350 QZ800 SL3NB-1600
EMSCO F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600 FD-1000 FC-2200 FB-1300
Gardner Denver PAH PZ7 PZ8/9 PZ10/11
Drillmec 7T450 7TS600 9T1000 9T1300 12T1600 14T2200
National 7-P-50 8-P-80 9-P-100 10-P-130 12-P-160 14-P-200 14-P-220
Oilwell A-850-PT A-1100-PT A-1400-PT A-1700-PT
RUSSIAN 8T-650 UNB600 UNBT600 UNBT950 UNBT1180
IDECO T-500 T-800 T-1000 T-1300 T-1600

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