Releasing spears


  1. Designed and manufactured according to API spec 7-1.
  2. It is pulled from the inside diameter of the fallen fish.
  3. It can be used with internal cutter, jar and other tools.
  4. If the fish can’t be picked up, pick up the spear.


Releasing Spear provide a more effective means to engage and retrieve an internal fish from the well. It is ruggedly built to withstand severe jarring and pulling strains. It engages the fish over a large area without damaging of the fish. The simple design prevents small parts being lost or damaged in the hole during operation. It may be used with other equipment such as pack-off assemblies and internal cutters. If the fish cannot be pulled, the spear can be easily be released and disengaged.


Model O.D / in Thread Conn.(LH) Catch Size
DLM-T48 3-3/4 NC26 39.7-41.9
DLM-T60 4-1/8 NC31 49.7-51.9
DLM-T73 4-1/8 NC31 61.5-78
DLM-T89 4-3/4 NC38 75-91
DLM-T102 4-3/4 NC38 88.2-102.8
DLM-T114 4-3/4 NC38 99.8-103
DLM-T127 5 NC38 107-116
DLM-T140 5-1/2 NC38 118-128
DLM-T178 7 NC50 153-166


Releasing Spear -drawing

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