rotary table


  1. Design and manufactureaccording to API 7K standard.
  2. Bevel gear pair use the spiral bevel gear, stable transmission, high capacity
  3. Gear material is alloy steel, Main shell is iron
  4. Long service time,
  5. We also can be produce accordingto your request.


A rotary table is a mechanical device on a drilling rig that provides clockwise (as viewed from above) rotational force to the drill string to facilitate the process of drilling a borehole.


Model ZP175 ZP205 ZP275 ZP375 ZP495
Max. static load kN 2250 3150 4500 5850 7250
Ton 250 350 500 650 800
Bore diameter mm 444.5 520.7 698.5 952.5 1257.3
in 17-1/2 20-1/2 27-1/2 37-1/2 49-1/2
Gear Ratio 3.58 3.22 3.67 3.56
Distance from table
axis to the center of
inner row of sprocket
Mm 1118 1353
in 44 53-1/4


rotary table-drawing
rotary table-drawing

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