Spacer spool

Working pressure: 2000PSI-20000PSI
Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud
Working temperature: -46℃-121℃ (L-U)
Material class: AA –HH
Specification class: PSL1-PSL4
Performance class: PR1-PR2
Connection: API 6A Flange, API 16A Clamp, Weco Union


JX Petro. spacer spools are designed and manufactured to comply with API 6A in all sizes and pressure ratings. Space spools are usually installed for wellhead extension, BOP installation, choke & kill manifold spools, and production manifold. End connections with flanged, studded, threaded, clamp hubs, or other end connectors (OEC). When inquiry, please specify the length and pressure rating. Pressure, drift, and dimensional tests will be performed on each spool before shipment.


  1. Multiple end connections including Flanged, studded and rubbed ends
  2. Available in any combination of size and pressure ratings
  3. Available for general service and sour service and suitable for all temperature rating and material requirements in API specification 6A
  4. Available with alloy steel AISI 4130 and Stainless Steel,
  5. Inconel 625 corrosion-resistant alloy ring groove is available



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