Spray Metal Polish Rod


  • The polished rod is mainly used for connecting the pumping unit and rod string in the oil well.
  • The regular grade D polished rod is not used for high corrosion environments.
  • The end upsetting polished rod can be used combined with a sucker rod for usage.
  • The corrosion-resistant polished rod is used for pumping crude oil in deep wells, large displacement wells, thickened oil well, and high corrosion wells.


JX Petro Spray Metal Polish rod dimensions conform to API Specification 11B, latest edition, and AISI Steel Products Manual. The spray metal polish rod is of ultra-high tensile strength, long stoke, and corrosion-resistant polished rod. This type of sucker rod is made of alloy steel. It is heat treated by quenching and tempering and the rod surface is metal sprayed with nickel-based alloy (Ni35) to make the rod better resistant to corrosion and wear. JX Petro is currently capable of manufacturing Solid Polish Rod, Hollow Polish rods,s and spray metal polish rods.


Polished Rods are furnished with cold-formed, fully rolled threads to provide additional strength and fatigue resistance. The cold-formed, fully rolled pin thread is produced by completely cold-forming (reshaping) the steel fibers so they follow the contour (shape) of the thread. The thread surface that results from fully rolled threads improves its resistance to corrosion and reduces abrasion within the thread.

The work-hardened flank provides increased surface tensile, yield and shear strength. Due to the pressure deformation, a residual compressive stress system builds up at the thread root, which counteracts tensile loading. When compared to cut or burnished threads, the load capacity and corrosion and fatigue resistance of the rolled thread is significantly increased.

spray metal poish rod specifiction

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