Well Drilling Bits


  1. API 7-1 Standard connection
  2. Tricone bit is suitable for any rock formation.
  3. Tricone bit is versatile and can handle changing formations.
  4. PDC Main cutters are high performance PDC cutters to insure service life of the bit while improving ROP.
  5. Hydraulic system of the bit is optimized using dynamic flow pattern simulation technology to enhance cleaning and cooling effects of the bit to effectively prevent bit from balling.


A drill bit is a device attached to the end of the drill string that breaks apart, cuts or crushes the rock formations when drilling a wellbore, such as those drilled to extract water, gas, or oil.

The drill bit is hollow and has jets to allow for the expulsion of the drilling fluid, or mud, at high velocity and high pressure to help clean the bit and, for softer formations, help to break apart the rock.

Tricone drill bits: A tritone bit comprises three conical rollers with teeth made of a hard material, such as tungsten carbide. The teeth break rock by crushing as the rollers move around the bottom of the borehole.

PDC drill bits: A PDC bit has no moving parts and works by scraping the rock surface with disk-shaped teeth made of a slug of synthetic diamond attached to a tungsten carbide cylinder

PDC drag bit: A drag bit is a comprehensive drilling bit, mainly used for water wells, mining, geothermal, environmental, and exploration drilling. It is suitable for drilling in soft and soft-medium formations with a fast penetration rate and high efficiency, and special for large-diameter hole drilling.


 PDC Drill Bits

Model PDC Bit, PDC Drag Bit
Bit Size:  4-1/2" ~ 17-1/2'' (114mm ~ 444.5mm) 
Blades:  3 ~ 9 blades 
Nozzles:   according to customers' requirement
Cutters Size:  1313, 1613, 1616, 1913, 1916, 1919 
Material: Carbide 
WOB (KN/mm): 0.35 ~ 0.90
Rotary Speed (rpm): 300 ~ 800
Customized: Please provide bit size, blade QTY., cutter type etc.

Tricone Drill Bits 

Model TCI Bit, Steel Teeth Bit
IADC CODE 116 117 12 6127 136 137 216 217 226 226 316 317 326 327 336 337 115 125 135 215 225 235 315 325 335 114 124 214 314 111 121 131 346 347
417 427 437 517 527 537 617 627 637 737 837 832 415 425 435 445 525 625 635 416 427 436 446 447 516 526  537 547 516 536  535
Available sizes From 2-7/8 to 26” larger sizes for hole opener bit ,reamer bit
Bearing type Sealed bearing and non-sealed bearing HJ(metal sealed journal bearing)   HA (rubber sealed journal bearing Air cooled bearing type
Formation or layer Soft ,medium soft ,hard, medium hard, very hard formation
Button size (extra features) 1. Y-Conical teeth  2. X-chisel teeth 3. K- wide teeth 4. G- Gauge protection
Material Alloy steel, Carbide
Customized Please provide bit size, IADC code/formation etc.

PDC Bits Structure Diagram:

Well Drilling Bits

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