XYQ tubing power tong


  1. Type planetary claws clamp
  2. 2. Type XQ140/20Y,XQ140/12X,XQ114/6YB, XQ89/3C available
  3. Adopt the braking belt, reliable braking
  4. Application different range of tongs.
  5. The backup tong can clamp the tubing body
  6. Torque control system may be equipped according to customer’s request


XYQ Series of Oil Pipe Power Tong is used for quick make-up/break-out tubing in well service and workover operation. The series of hydraulic power tongs adopt an inner cam rolling-up clamping mechanism, with a hydraulic backup tong. The power tong with an extra-long rod is available as a backup tong to grip the tubing body. The power tong also can be equipped with the automatic torque control system.


Model XQ89/3C XQ114/6YB XQ140/12YA XQ140/20Y
Pipe size range of master tong φ60-89 φ60-114 φ73-140 φ60-140
23/8”-31/2” 23/8”-41/2” 27/8”-51/2” 23/8”-51/2”
Pipe size range of backup tong φ60-114 φ60-114.5 φ73-156 φ60-156
23/8”-41/2” 27/8”-41/2” 27/8”-31/2” 23/8”-61/8”
High gear rated torque 1270N.m 1650N.m 2600N.m 2300N.m
937ft-lbs 1217ft-lbs 1918ft-lbs 1696ft-lbs
Low gear rated torque 3300N.m 6070N.m 12000N.m 20000N.m
2434ft-lbs 4477ft-lbs 8851ft-lbs 14751ft-lbs



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